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New Survey Indicates RV Camping will Thrive through Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing caused by the Covid 19 pandemic has thrown personal recreation for a loop. But isolated individuals and families have sought refuge in the outdoors, as social distancing is much easier to accomplish in wide-open spaces with fresh air. Camping, specifically out of a camper, is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors in a safe, responsible environment as the pandemic stretches into Summer 2020.  Thor
Makoshika State Park, Montana
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The 10 Best Uncrowded Alternatives to National Parks

America’s National Parks are among the most stunning examples of natural wonders in the world. However, the pristine beauty afforded by theSE parks also draws huge crowds, especially during the summer months. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, for example, saw 12,547,743 visitors in 2019, the number one most visited park in the country. Luckily for outdoor enthusiasts, there are innumerable uncrowded nature preserves located near the popular National Parks.
Hiking with Dogs
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5 Tips For Hiking With Dogs

Having your best friend by your side while enjoying an outdoor adventure on the trail often elevates the entire experience of hiking, trail running, or mountain biking. Taking your dog with you on the trails also helps your canine companion get exercise and foster its own connection with the outdoors. Dog friendly hikes are readily available across the country and while the positives of heading to the trailhead with your
Colorado Trailhead

How to Recreate Responsibly This Summer

Beach days, parades, hiking—the unofficial start of the summer has always been Memorial Day weekend, and, despite the rude intrusion of a global pandemic, 2020 is no different, with people pouring into parks and beaches looking to recapture a little bit of normalcy. As the summer season heats up, protecting yourself and others becomes not only a personal responsibility but a community one. Recreate Responsibly The big question is: Where