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The Fattest Bear Of Them All

The fattest bear of 2020 has been decided! Beating out the hefty competition is Bear 747. After gaining media attention for his waddling appearance, bear 747, named for a randomly assigned number that became pretty telling, was a fan favorite from the start.  2020 Champ, Bear 747 at Katmai National ParkNational Park Service Photos / N. Boak Often the biggest bear at Katmai National Park and Preserve's Brooks River in
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Tour of Lakes and Hiking Trails in Colorado

For my birthday week, I tend to go on a little trip - discovering new places. This year, I created a little trip I just may turn into an annual vacation. As I was thinking about a last minute trip a week or so before my birthday, I searched for reservations at various campsites and found one spot at Grand Lake available for two consecutive days…. So I made the
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7 Great Stargazing Destinations

Anyone who has ever spent a night camping in the wilderness knows how incredibly  awe striking a clear view of the night sky can be. Seeing a galaxy full of stars in full definition without the intrusion of light pollution inspires wonder, elevates mood, and maybe causes a bit of neck soreness from staring straight up into the cosmos for minutes on end. The benefits of a clear night sky
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5 Steps to Be Wildfire Aware and Prevent Forest Fires

The allurement of living amongst nature has increased the building of homes, businesses, and recreation infrastructures in close proximity to wildlands. The coexistence of urban populations and communities with the forest increases the threat of wildfire to property and human life. The US Forest Service initiates steps to mitigate the threat of forest fires to at-risk communities through fuel mitigation. The goal is to promote forest health and restoration projects,