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The Fattest Bear Of Them All

The fattest bear of 2020 has been decided! Beating out the hefty competition is Bear 747. After gaining media attention for his waddling appearance, bear 747, named for a randomly assigned number that became pretty telling, was a fan favorite from the start.  2020 Champ, Bear 747 at Katmai National ParkNational Park Service Photos / N. Boak Often the biggest bear at Katmai National Park and Preserve's Brooks River in

How COVID-19 Could Impact the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap has been an ongoing issue that is only exacerbated by increased unemployment brought on by the pandemic. According to the the statistics from the Department of Labor, unemployment peaked in April This was the highest rate and the largest month-over-month increase in the history of the data. These numbers disproportionately impacted women with a rate of 16.2% percent, versus 13.5% for men.  Businesses may finally be

The Impact of Hiring a Diverse Workforce

The benefits of developing a workforce with different backgrounds and experiences go far beyond just cultural diversity. It doesn’t matter if you are a huge company or just a few people working out of home offices, a diverse workforce will positively impact not only the quality of your output but also your company culture.  Companies being open to hiring employees from all sorts of different backgrounds regardless of race, religion
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Diversity and Inclusion in the Outdoors and What Groups To Follow

While some people venture into the wilderness for solitude, for many others finding a sense of community in the outdoors is a high priority. But finding a community of like-minded adventure buddies can be a daunting challenge, especially for already marginalized groups. The media’s depiction of an outdoor enthusiast still tends to skew very white and very male. We have seen a recent surge in diversity and inclusion in the
5 Tips To Keep Remote Team Members Engaged

5 Tips to Keep Remote Teams Happy and Engaged

COVID-19 has changed the landscape for many businesses and workers. Here are a few tips on managing a remote team in the short and long term. Due in part to COVID-19, successfully building and managing a remote team is now a critical part of any business strategy. But fear not. OUTRIGGER ADVISORY GROUP is here with some best practices and tips to keep your team happy and healthy. Remote work
Conferences going online in 2020

The Rise of the Virtual Conference

Digital events are becoming both more necessary and easier to host. The digital revolution that is sweeping across all aspects of the consumer experience has taken on a whole new meaning since COVID-19 became a global pandemic. With summer conferences, trade shows, and conventions being delayed or canceled due to social-distancing and quarantine, a digital alternative may be more workable than previously thought. In a recent Forbes article, Dan Stevens,
Businesses in chaos after COVID-19 and riots

It’s No Longer ‘Business as Usual’

How current events are changing the marketing landscape and the operational systems are in need of critical review. The rapid pace of change over the last few months may be giving some businesses whiplash, especially in the operations and marketing departments. What worked before doesn’t work now. Marketing messaging which worked well before, no longer resonates with the audience and can feel hollow during a time of crisis. ‘Business as
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How to Recreate Responsibly This Summer

Beach days, parades, hiking—the unofficial start of the summer has always been Memorial Day weekend, and, despite the rude intrusion of a global pandemic, 2020 is no different, with people pouring into parks and beaches looking to recapture a little bit of normalcy. As the summer season heats up, protecting yourself and others becomes not only a personal responsibility but a community one. Recreate Responsibly The big question is: Where