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How to Consolidate Your Marketing Efforts & Streamline Your Revenue in 2020

When it comes to marketing strategies, many businesses are too spread out. Whether it’s contracting a graphic designer who lives out-of-state, outsourcing marketing strategy to an outside agency, or relying on a single in-house social media specialist to push out the materials, it’s difficult to have your marketing team on the same page and cultivate an organized approach when everyone is all over the place. 

However, bringing the task of digital marketing in-house can sometimes be daunting. Adding or expanding digital marketing initiatives to an already jam-packed to-do list can overwhelm businesses. Relying on a digital agency that can establish an online presence, generate leads that translate into sales, and keep track of analytics— all under one roof can eliminate the  frustration and bring your messages to the market faster, without office politics.

There are many benefits to enlisting the aid of a competent digital marketing agency, like being able to  build your all-encompassing digital marketing strategy from the ground up. This may include creating a website that is optimized for both desktop and mobile, developing and building a social media presence, conceptualizing email marketing campaign strategies, and boosting your paid and organic search rankings through SEO and SEM. 

An effective marketing agency has access to and relies upon the latest tools and technologies, known as a MarTech Stack, that track and manage every aspect of an online marketing campaign. The best tools provide a platform to create, monitor, and optimize email marketing efforts, social media campaigns, and SEO. 

The best marketing firms look at your goals and create the best campaigns for your company using market intelligence. This may be solely a digital marketing strategy or it may encompass digital, print, out-of-home (OOH,) and even direct mail marketing strategies. While you are being pulled in various directions and forced to focus on multiple aspects of your business, you can rely on a top-notch marketer to eat, sleep, and breathe your marketing efforts. They’ll also be on top of any trends within the marketing world, ensuring your strategies align with those emerging tactics. In a post COVID-19 world, researching and evaluating consumer buying trends and pivoting your marketing strategies could mean the difference between mere survival and an explosion in growth. Leaving the individual elements of your digital marketing to a knowledgeable team under one roof can streamline your resources and get better results. 

OUTRIGGER ADVISORY GROUP can put all of your marketing, research, and analytics under one roof, with their Total Revenue Optimization System. OUTRIGGER can offer your business a clear direction to ensure all of your marketing elements work harmoniously in order to help your business grow. OUTRIGGER utilizes big data to reveal the best demographics for you to target, it can assist in a complete website redesign, automate your marketing and operational processes, generate detailed and accurate reports, customize the metrics to your business, increase client retention, and embark on cross-channel marketing campaigns. 

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