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New Survey Indicates RV Camping will Thrive through Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing caused by the Covid 19 pandemic has thrown personal recreation for a loop. But isolated individuals and families have sought refuge in the outdoors, as social distancing is much easier to accomplish in wide-open spaces with fresh air. Camping, specifically out of a camper, is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors in a safe, responsible environment as the pandemic stretches into summer 2020. 

Thor Industries, the parent company of RV manufacturers such as Airstream, Dutchmen, and Jayco, commissioned the 2020 North American RV Consumer Survey Report, which revealed that 94-percent of the 19,000 current and prospective camper owners plan to still take a vacation this year. The decision regarding when those vacations will occur hinges on when campgrounds begin to re-open, according to the survey. Respondents listed campground re-openings ahead of greatly reduced Covid-19 spread in importance for determining their vacations. Forty-eight percent of the people surveyed plan to go camping through October. 

Seventy-nine percent of respondents who already owned an RV replied they would likely use their RV as much as last year, if not more, and 78-percent of prospective camper owners plan to purchase an RV this year. 

“We expect to see an extended season as consumers look to make up for perceived lost time,” the report noted.

The key takeaway from the survey is that car-camping at campgrounds, especially for those relying on a camper, will likely survive and thrive the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Those enthusiasts who already own an RV plan to continue relying on it for outdoor recreation, while prospective owners plan to finally pull the trigger this year, setting up a big opportunity for camper manufacturers as well as brands producing car-camping products to take advantage. 

Over the July 4th Holiday, campers were out in masses frantically booking any last open camping space throughout Colorado. This seems to be one industry thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic.